Return to Wells (next the sea) by Jeff Briggs

A short story of how WW1 affected a family from a North Nofolk village.

In Wells-next-the-sea, to live so happily

In Wells its so lovely back with my family


In this little town of Wells-next-the sea

My true love married me

St Nicholas church is where we tied the knot

Since then she's been my forget-me-not

We lived locally in Dogger lane

Where all the little houses look just the same

We brought up our young family

On basic living, but joyfully

Our daughters and sons they fledged the home

To start families of their own

But nobody knew what was in store

For then came the 1914 war

Our sons enlisted to protect this land

With swords and bayonets in their hands

Sending letters home to the family

Hoping to return, manfully

Our two boys jumped over the fence

One of them falling back into the trench

Buried in mud up to their knees

Fighting hard towards the enemy

Henry scrambled up the muddy bank

A shot rang out hitting Frank

Henry pulled him back to the ground

Muffled cries all around

A year went by without words

Then home they flew, the message birds

They brought us news we wanted to hear

Our boy's were coming home later this year

Across the sea we could see our men

Returning home to their loved ones again

Everyone cheering, shouting with joy

And through the crowd we could see one boy

Only one boy came back to the nest

Carrying belongings close to his chest

With open arms and tears in his eyes

He handed over the memorial prize

Frank didn't make it as he fell to the ground

But I carried him back safe and sound

However it was too late, he died that day

But I heard him whisper, I heard him say

In Wells-next-the-sea, to live so happily

In Wells its so lovely back with my family


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