I was inspired to write this poem when I acquired an oil painting of a night time seascape depicting a tall-ship anchored in a small bay. The moon was shining down showing the ship, along with the masts as a dark silhouette against the evening sky. Dim candle and oil lights on the bow, stern, one of the windows and further afield at the harbor buildings. My mind raced off imagining silence before the storm scenario and off I went....

Night time gathers along the darkened shore

Slowly and silently a ship slides into moor

With sails a lowering downwards to the deck below

As if by magic they disperse to an even shallow

Salty dark sea water laps the ship side

As shadowy figures lower in with the tide

Silence only broken by a bird in mid-flight

Crying out like a warning in the darkened night

But no-one hears and no-one sees

The oil-slick of men slither in with ease

The goal is to take want not belongs to them

By any means if necessary a life to condemn

The watcher is asleep as grasped by the throat

Silenced to death wrapped in his own coat

The next quarry is that in which to surprise

The other few men who guard the prize

Of barrels of rum and jewels a hidden

The taking of which is utterly forbidden

But without a hitch and without a sound

The Pirates treasure has now been found

They creep away leaving destruction behind

No lives left living no men shall find

Guards left bleeding their souls to the sea

As the shadowy figures sail away with glee

But a murmur behind leads into a cry

Echo's around the harbor, 'one man did not die'

The spark of fear now illuminates the eyes

As soldiers rise up to recapture their prize

Shouts of anger fill the air

'We'll have it back, no lives shall we spare'

The Pirates now muster all in their power

Raise the ships sails for many knots by the hour

Trying to flee the enemy with all their might

As the little town harbor disappears out of sight

Once again Pirate sucess as they steal another hoard

But consider this, no Earthly men were aboard.

All copy rights reserved