The Wind

The wind feels its way all around, touching 

and caressing all in its path

The gentle breeze can kiss the lips softly and

gently as it glides by or can echo eerie screeches

as it roars over land bringing trees to life

swaying to and fro

The wind winds down alley ways, meandering,

swaying side to side and whistles a howling tune

past pipes, through fences, around lamp posts 

and pylons.

The wind can thrash the sea into blustery salty

spray that  conjures a rainbow over the beach

head and upward into the sky

The wind can turn windfarms into visible energy

It can take your breath away

It can cool your brow

It can assist you fly a kite loftily on high


But stop for a moment, close your eyes, stand

very still with your arms spread wide

Feel the touch of an invisible presence upon

your skin

Feel the kiss of nature's wonder and accept

the power that it brings


Respect the wind, embrace it, but be wary of 

its strength then love it, for the wind is

wild and cannot be tamed.