Blow, blow, blow - by Jeff Briggs

A bubble blown that fly's away

Wafted here, there and any other way

Glistens with pearlescent hue

With mirrored images of me and you

Light to touch, silent to hear

Smaller than a balloon, bigger than a tear

Whatever we do, whatever time bids

Lets not forget when we were kids

Play all day, sleep all night

Think you're a bubble in mid-flight

Where did it come from, where will it go

Where has it gone now, I'll give another blow

And when you're bored or when you're down

Don't look sad, remove that frown

Simply pucker your lips and prepare to blow

Whistle a happy tune and your troubles may go

Soon you'll forget why you were gloomy

And now you cheeks are big and roomy

Blow, blow, blow like a whistle top

But don't whistle like the old man in a shop

Who whistles no particular tune

A monkey could do better, no I mean a baboon!

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