Rain is disliked by many, for it is wet and yet

it feeds the Earth and does it good

for what its worth.

So would the trees live without it? No!

Would we survive without it? No!

So let's take a closer look.

How intricate the rain drop is! Each little droplet

is a genuine piece of art.

A pear shaped bringer of life that is teeming

with swirls of biological microbes.

A tiny sphere wrapped up in a bubble of H2O

Reflecting light that falls upon it as does an 

emerald cut diamond that shimmers in sunlight.

Individually they are singular and do no harm but

together as one they become a storm and

lash out in venomous torment.

The Earth sometimes cries out for tears of rain

to quench the arid and parched land, to nourish

the wilted, the starved, the forgotten and the damned.

The deluge can bring floods which carries such 

devastation and destruction to wipe away all

in its path.

But 40 days brings a calming of the skies, then the white

dove she flies like a magicians hand that

waves across the land it brings a spectrum

of color in the shape of a bow.

So next time it rains, close your eyes and

face up to the sky

Let each droplet trickle by and by

like false tears of joy or of sorrow

The gentle tapping on the flesh may also

relieve your tension and stress. For these

are not just pulses of strife, these show

the beginnings, and the rhythm of life.