Dark clouds are heavy today, swollen with rain

As street lights come on down this little quiet lane

Small droplets start to hit the ground

As an eerie silence generates all around

The light diminishes with each passing second

Then thunder and lightning begin to beckon

Birds fall silent as they shelter and hide

And the rain marches on with each wet stride

Rain over distant hills like starlings swarm

A murmuration of droplets gather in the pending storm

A flash of light suddenly brightens the view

Electricity pylons turn a deeper shade of blue

Followed by thunder that shakes your bones

With a symphony of noise and trembling tones

Rain now rapidly increases with pace

Cleaning the streets as if washing its face

Leaves in the gutter move along the lane

Carried by water to cascade down the drain

Nature’s perfume is, you must be aware

Of the smell of wet Earth as it fills the air

Humid moisture rises from the ground

Leaves an eerie mist suspended spellbound

The rain now easing, this storm has done

As a break in the clouds provides some sun

Birds pop their heads out of the evergreen

 Twittering gently as they peruse the scene

One bird she flies to land on a bench

To sip at a droplets to cure its quench

As a little less rain seems to stem the flow

There is a sign in the sky, a glorious rainbow